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World: we have a problem!

We have opted to do something tangible in an era where the question of self-determination and civil rights appears to be an inconclusive trend and an end in itself. Even now, women in Italy, as well as the rest of the globe, attempt to assert rights and liberties that should be protected and recognized but are not. We wish to aid them in every way we can. We wish to participate in the process of self-determination and respect for their rights via art.

The holy and profane are mingled and interlaced in CryptoMADONNE, presenting a message of equality, tolerance, and multiethnicity typical of the globalized digital world in which it is possible to break down the social and geographical barriers that have negatively affected history. We feel that our initiative may contribute to a healthy irreverence towards the decadent and dogmatic patterns of thought of the past, both in the digital and physical worlds, without ever being vulgar. As you can see from the roadmap, we chose to contribute a portion of our project’s revenues to an agency/association that assists women victims of abuse.

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Let's talk numbers

We're the prettiest,but we already knew

We have around 4,000 museums, 6,000 archaeological regions, 85,000 churches subject to protection, and 40,000 ancient houses in Italy, but we do not manage them efficiently.
Unesco World Heritage Sites
billion in value
expenditure on culture
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of our GDP
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Preservation and Protection

Art is beautiful, but how much does it cost us?

There must be a reason behind the name Bel Paese, right? We have record numbers when it comes to artistic and cultural heritage, statistics that people all over the globe envy, but we don’t respect them at their finest, and even worse, we don’t dedicate ourselves enough to their protection and conservation. Because art is very important to us, we chose to contribute a portion of the proceeds from CryptoMADONNE to the organization in charge of restoring and maintaining the artworks of the Uffizi Galleries, a site where, among other wonders, the Sant’Anna Metterza is displayed. See the roadmap for further information on the donation phases.